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幼い頃からほのかに憧れていた “美人のお姉ちゃん” との同居生活は緊張と興奮の連続で、明人は男としての我慢を試される天国のような地獄の日々が始まる予感に、大いに悩み悶えていた。

「昔はあんなに小さくて可愛かったのに、今じゃなこんなに立派に、格好良くなっちゃって…… 学校ではすごくモテたでしょう?」
潤んだ瞳で尋ねる綾子に、即座に否定する明人。 そんな明人を嘘つき呼ばわりする綾子に、嘘じゃないと慌てて続ける明人。
「女の子と付き合ったことが無いってことは、あっくんたら童貞なのかしら」 ──そんな際どい質問も不意に飛び出して、明人はますます慌てふためくことしか出来ない。
Certain years. Early March.
Akito Narasaki male students, who will be desirable to pass the exam school, stay at someone's house in the village garden Ayako-year-old widow of cousin away away from their parents.
Life living with had been longing to faint from an early age, "sister of beauty" is a series of excitement and tension, the feeling that the days of hell like heaven to be tested to endure as a man begins, Akihito is suffering greatly was in agony.

And the third day from the start of cohabitation.
Part-time job interview and acceptance of Akito, the two performed a feast to celebrate the passing in the name of a small school of choice at this late date.
While we reminisce on old times while drinking sake and sip, eyes in front of you, the human longing to melt Toronto, Akito not drink liquor Ayako is the sigh that the treacle, tea Akito notices go better.
"Small and cute so much to the past, but now that so admirably, and become good looking ...... I would have been very Mote at school?"
Ayako to ask at moist eyes, Akito to deny immediately. Ayako you call someone a liar in such a bright person, Akito that I keep in a hurry and not a lie.
─ ─ popped out unexpectedly even risque questions like that, "I wonder if there is gonna be a virgin who never was going out with the girls," Akito can not only be increasingly push the panic button.


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